Why Buy Used from a Dealership?

Shopping for a used vehicle? The first big choice is deciding whether to buy from a private seller, perhaps someone you find online or through a classified ad, or to head to the nearest dealership.

There’s a very clear set of advantages to buying used from a dealership worth exploring before making your choice.

Incredible Selection

Here’s one thing to think about: you connect with a private buyer who has listed their used car. You take the vehicle out for a test drive and decide it isn’t the right vehicle for your needs. But now you’re out of options because chances are high the buyer doesn’t have a second used car to show you, much less an entire inventory. So you run the risk of not connecting with the listed car and ending up back at square one.

When you visit a reputable dealership, there’s a huge catalog to browse, which means that if the first vehicle you test drive disappoints for any reason, you can get behind the wheel of another until you find the perfect used car for your budget and lifestyle. And even if you like the first car you see, you can always compare and contrast with a few similar makes and models of various trim levels.

Dealer Perks

The advantages that established dealerships can offer don’t end at great selection.

Consider these perks specific to dealerships:

  • It is much easier to look into the reputation of a dealership than a private seller. Most dealerships will have BBB accreditation and plenty of online reviews.
  • When you shop at a used car dealership, you typically have access to a professional financing department, a service center with great coupons, and much more.
  • Many dealerships offer certified pre-owned (CPO) programs as well, allowing you to purchase gently-used cars with extended warranties and other guarantees.

The bottom line: Shopping at a dealership is the best way to find your next used car and to be sure you drive away in it with confidence.

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